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Calcium syrup, 100 ml

Calcium syrup Generica is recommended to cover an increased need of calcium, especially during the growing phase of childhood.

Calcium syrup Generica has a pleasant vanilla flavour and can be taken with food as well as on an empty stomach. The syrup is suitable for adults, adolescents, children from birth, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Calcium is present in the form of citrate, which:

  • is an organic salt with a high content of calcium in comparison with other organic salts of calcium,
  • has a neutral taste,
  • is present in micronized form, which improves the solubility and bioavailability of the active ingredient,
  • absorbs with equal efficiency from a full as well as empty stomach (so that it can be taken both with food and on an empty stomach).


  • has a role in the process of cell division and specialisation,
  • is needed for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth,
  • also contributes to normal muscle function,
  • to the normal function of digestive enzymes,
  • to normal energy-yielding metabolism,
  • to normal blood clotting,
  • to normal neurotransmission.

Recommended dosage:

The dosage of Calcium syrup Generica during the first year of infancy should be consulted with the paediatrician. The recommended dosage should take into account the daily intake of calcium with food. Unless recommended otherwise by the paediatrician, children under 1 year of age are normally given 2,5 ml syrup once per day.

1- 6 years    –   5 ml syrup once per day

6 -15 years  –   10 ml syrup once per day

Adults          –   15 ml syrup two times per day


The product can be taken by itself, or mixed with baby-led weaning, tea, or fruit juice. When given with baby-led weaning, the amount of calcium in the baby-led weaning must be taken into consideration, so that the maximum daily dosage is not exceeded. Sedimentation of the individual ingredients is a normal phenomenon, shake well before using!


Active ingredient             content in 100 ml
Calcium citrate tetrahydrate       11,48 g (corresponds to 2,4 g calcium)

5 ml syrup contains 120 mg calcium, which makes up 15% of the recommended daily dosage for an adult.




A balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle are essential to maintaining good health.