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Fluidex® eff. tbl. 20

Fluidex® is a food supplement containing minerals and glucose for the preparation of an oral rehydration solution (ORS).

The solution resulting from dissolving one tablet in 150 ml drinking water is hypotonic (228 mmol/l), with no danger of overdosing on the product. The product contains 60 mmol/l sodium (Na +).

Fluidex ® tablets do not contain flavourings, colouring, or artificial sweetener.

Part of our body fluid is lost in natural ways: with urine, perspiration and breathing. When water loss exceeds water intake, and the amount of water in the body decreases, a negative water balance occurs. Water deficit is accompanied by the decrease of sodium in the body. In some cases, first an increased sodium loss takes place, followed by that of water. Insufficient fluid intake is common e.g. among the elderly, who are likely to have a decreased thirst sensation, immobile patients and children.

In the case of excessive water loss for various reasons, it is important to supply the body with the lost water along with inorganic salts. Since water molecules can move freely in and out of cells, water in itself would not be able to stay in the body without external assistance. Inorganic salts in water solution separate into cations and anions. These do not stay isolated, but are immediately surrounded by water molecules, thus binding them. In contrast to water, it is relatively difficult for these ions to pass through the barriers in the body, and must therefore use special transport systems to do so. Thanks to this difference, if we manage to supply the body with a sufficient amount of ions followed by water, the supplied water is bound in the body and hence we do not lose it. Given that in the blood as well as in the extracellular space sodium makes up 90% of all cations, it is the most essential particle that keeps the most amount of water in the body by surrounding itself with water molecules. Sodium is most easily absorbed along with glucose. By adding glucose to the solution, sodium absorption increases and the water absorbed this way does not leave the human body.

Recommended dosage:

For adults, 150 – 300 ml solution (1 effervescent tablet for 150 ml drinking water, or 2 effervescent tablets for 300 ml drinking water) in the case of increased fluid loss in the body.
For children over 3 years of age, use half of the recommended dosage, only under supervision of a doctor.
One effervescent tablet contains 2,3 g glucose (the amount of approx. ½ sugar cube).
Remaining solution can be stored in the refrigerator (approx. +4 ° C) for one day.
The product should not be used as a substitute for normal fluid intake.

Packaging20 effervescent tablets

Molar composition of the solution:

natrium (Na+)                 60 mmol/l
kalium (K+)                    20 mmol/l
chloridum (Cl)              44 mmol/l
citratum                         20 mmol/l
glucosum                       84 mmol/l
together                       228 mmol/l


A balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle are essential to maintaining good health.