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Healsea® BABYKIDS nasal spray, 20 ml

The Healsea® BABYKIDS medical device contains the unique marine postbiotic Symbiofilm® and an isotonic saline solution (0.9% salinity).

Healsea® BABYKIDS is a 100% natural nasal spray without preservatives and additives, intended for children from 2 years of age, which:

  • cleanses and moisturizes the nose for colds and rhinitis
  • removes infectious agents
  • removes allergens

As the only nasal spray on the market, it contains a unique marine postbiotic Symbiofilm®, which:

  • cleanses the nasal mucosa exclusively by mechanical action
  • reduces the adhesion of viruses on the nasal mucosa
  • reduces the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria and the formation of biofilm on the nasal mucosa

Healsea® BABYKIDS is an ideal solution for children with a cold or a runny nose, which cleans and moisturizes the nasal cavity and removes allergens and infectious agents.


Healsea® BABYKIDS is given to children with the help of an adult. One or two injections twice a day in each nostril for 10 days or as directed by your doctor or pharmacist.

The APF (Advanced Preservative Free) nebulizer uses technology that allows the solution to be dispensed without preservatives.

Composition: Symbiofilm®, isotonic saline solution (salinity 0.9%).

Packaging: 20 ml

Carefully read the instructions and information on the safe use of the product.

TIP: For adults, we offer 100% natural Healsea® RESCUE nasal spray.