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Healsea® RESCUE nasal spray, 20 ml

The medical device Healsea® RESCUE contains the unique marine postbiotic Symbiofilm® and hypertonic saline solution (salinity 2.7%).

Healsea® RESCUE is a 100% natural nasal spray without preservatives and additives, intended for adults, which:

  • treats the nasal symptoms of acute rhinitis and rhinosinusitis
  • reduces swelling of the nasal mucosa
  • cleanses and moisturizes the nasal mucosa

As the only nasal spray on the market, it contains a unique marine postbiotic Symbiofilm®, which:

  • cleanses the nasal mucosa exclusively by mechanical action
  • reduces the adhesion of viruses on the nasal mucosa
  • reduces the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria and the formation of biofilm on the nasal mucosa

Healsea® RESCUE is the ideal solution for adults to ensure effective cleaning, moisturizing and decongestion of the nasal mucosa by osmotic effect.


One or two injections twice a day in each nostril for 7 days or as recommended by a doctor or pharmacist.

The APF (Advanced Preservative Free) nebulizer uses technology that allows the solution to be dispensed without preservatives.

Composition: Symbiofilm®, hypertonic saline solution (salinity 2.7%).

Packaging: 20 ml


Carefully read the instructions and information on the safe use of the product.

TIP: For children from 2 years old, we offer 100% natural Healsea® BABYKIDS nasal spray.